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15 years ago, designers were talking about the internet being ‘the death of print’ but there are still times you need something more tangible, even if that’s just to point people in the direction of your website. You may need a map, a menu, a postcard mailer or a glossy brochure. It might be that you want a manual or brochure for customers to download and keep or print out, or a folder to keep paperwork together. It’s all an opportunity for you to look good!

MJC Creative have worked with clients to produce printed and online material in Japanese, French, Spanish and Russian to support English language versions for international marketing.

A4 6 Page Brochure
This 6 page A4 brochure for Spice Application Systems covers all of their products with a highly visual design. It provides a clear overview of the company, its technology and products. MJC Creative also produced a version of this brochure typeset in Japanese. (Click image to enlarge)

Homelingua Brochure

A4 24 Page Course Brochure
Homelingua needed a replacement for their prospectus. This is the most important printed document they produce, so it had to be effective, eyecatching and on-brand. MJC have also created Spanish, French and Russian language versions of this brochure (Click image to enlarge)

A4 Newsletter
Printed newsletters have been largely replaced by emails, yet frequently we think ‘I’ll read that email later’ but never find the time and end up deleting it months later – even emails from companies we love. There is still a strong argument in favour of producing something a customer or prospect sees before they decide to read or not. Well designed printed communications demand attention. From there it’s down to you to do something newsworthy and the writer to hold the reader’s interest. I work in conjunction with several talented copywriters and Public Relations companies when projects require expertly chosen words!

A5 8 Page Brochure
Effects Interiors offer paint and polished plaster decorative effects to high end private and commercial clients. They required a small eye catching brochure to demonstrate their range of services. Great photography adds a real lift to show off their work. click to view

Direct Mail Postcard
Weekly Home were looking to remind prospective and lapsed customers about their short-let property services. An effective mailer and a low cost noticeboard or ‘leave-behind’ item to accompany a business card. click to view

A4+ Carrier/Folder
A carrier like this can fulfill a multitude of uses. Useful for sending company details or for a customer to keep quotes or documents together. It can also act as a simple but professional looking brochure. click to view

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