about MJC Creative

About you
You know when you are being sold to, and you know if you really need what’s being sold. You are very aware of how far your advertising and marketing budget has to stretch and probably uncertain about spending a lot on a new website, logo or brochure. You are wondering just how much business it will generate.

About me
You may make things, deliver things or advise people. That’s what you are good at. I listen – and initially I take time to understand what you do.

You may be unsure about what you can achieve with the budget and time you have available. My expertise is based on years of graphic design agency experience and lies in getting to the core of what you really need. This focus allows your marketing budget to go where it will do most good – whether that’s a magazine ad, a mail shot, a website or a complete overhaul of your logo and branding. I specialise in finding out where you want to be and use my experience to advise you on the best means of getting there.


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